On the merits of "roll your own blog engine"
posted on 2016-02-25 with tags [code]

This blog, along with the rest of my website, runs on a (currently, as of 1st draft) 214 SLOC Rust backend. So my first blog post might as well be an explanation of why I chose to do it this way.

Of course, building a blog engine / CMS from scratch is an oft-ridiculed endeavor. Don't reinvent the wheel, it's a waste of time, people have already done it far better than you ever can, etc. There's even this quote from Jeff Atwood, cofounder of Stack Exchange, creator of Discourse, and blogger on Coding Horror:

Although I'll admit I've been sorely tempted myself, I wonder if writing your own blog software isn't a form of procrastination in and of itself.


So why did I resolve to create the tentatively-named kfp, "KeyboardFire preprocessor"?

I'm pretty happy with the way kfp and the newest (and hopefully last) iteration of my website design have turned out. Although, I must confess... Jeff Atwood's quote about procrastination rings a lot truer than I've been indicating. ;)